Refund Policy

Your Product Order has been processed by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. We provide encrypted data which is entered in protected pages through SSL Protocol and conveyed to the recipient by a safe connection. We provides safe purchasing guarantee.

Section 1.1: Client

A customer who purchases any product from any BitRecover website or any site advertising BitRecover Products.

Email for Download or Email for Activation

The mail sent by BitRecover Product or payment gateway on order of the product/tool online. The mail having links to the licensed version of the software/product.

Resolutely Recommended to Try Demo or Trial Edition first

Free Trial Version is available online on website to check out the software functionality and recovery results. Its recommended first to checkout Trial edition, before purchasing the Licensed product. Client have to comprehend this very attentively that the data recovery solutions have been created after tested in certain kind of corruption cases where as they provides 99.9% outcome. However, client have to well attentive that there are few requirements which are necessary to get complete data recovery. i.e. your machine should be enough space to install & save the product. We are hopeful of the client to co-operate with us and we make all efforts to provide 100% satisfaction.

Refund Guidelines of

The user, as explained in section 1.1 (above) has right to put refund request for the BitRecover Product or Software within 30 days from the date of order, if your case fall in the given refund guidelines –

The ordered product should be purchased via BitRecover website or advertising site of BitRecover

BitRecover Solution is not responsible for any one of the following & refund claims are NOT enterntained in such cases :

  • Having misdirected or lost emails
  • Delays in communication or downloading the product.
  • Delay due to uncontrolled or unforeseen matter
  • Once used the software for required purpose and then don't want to use longer.
  • Ordered the product without any requirement or just check out it and don't mean to but this actually.
  • Software bought for misplace machine or platform.
  • Ordered software is not valuable for your working place.
  • Facing issue to operate the software and no need to use any more.
  • Fail to download or activate emails links, due to any reason.

Refund will be granted when the following conditions retains true.

  • If the BitRecover Support Team fails to help for solving issue.
  • If the customer is capable to perform the complete process in demo but the process is not in full version.
  • is not liable miss-explanation by users of material published as the part of sponsoring the software/product by BitRecover Software. In such condition the duty lies with customer to get the right interpretation from the BitRecover Support Staff.
  • Refund will be accessible when "Letter Destruction" signed in mail form is received by the customer. BitRecover must receive the mails on within 30 days from the buying date of the product.

Letter of destruction shows client provides in written that the product which ordered by the BitRecover has been demolished from your entire laptop or machine to make sure about destruction that should be done properly or not and it can occur any time of one year from the date of ordered solution. The Inspection of company can be complete without the prior notice of the client.

  • From the receiving date of letter of destruction from the costumer, the refund will be processed in 15 days. Due to any reason, delay then 15 days will be provided notification through email from the BitRecover.
  • If the full version of software or product works not completely then we can provide other alternative solution for that.
  • You can contact our support team when the software fails for processing then our team will analyze and study for solving issue and will provide solution as soon as possible but if they also fails to solve the issue then we will refund you the invested money according to the issue or task by our software.

Refund is not accessible in the following case

  • Purchased product has been ordered before check out its efficiency or by mistake then the refund is not applicable.
  • Our product cannot fulfils any task while any other product of other company can do this task then the refund cannot be valid.
  • When the client purchased the product, they didn't use the trial version of the product.
  • If the 40% migration has been done by the product then refund will not applicable.